Funny Prank Calls—making Fun Moments memorable

Having fun with your friends is the coolest thing we can do in our life (I am talking about college life). All of us, at any point of our lives have tried a lot of different ideas for making moments lighter and happier by playing funny things and pranks with our friends. The idea of annoying your friends by making prank calls is the best among all. Making pranks calls from internet or from unknown numbers and making your friends fool seems to be like a crazy idea but believe me it can make you laugh and you will enjoy it a lot.

Now suppose, you are making a prank call to your friend and pretending as a girl to flirt him is a great idea you can try with your friends. I too have used the same idea and I still remember we laughed badly after making every prank call to him. You can also bind your friend to come on a specific date at a public park and can follow him at the same time. This can make the whole situation really very funny by making him fool and embarrassed. You can also record these funny moments in your phone by making a video or photos. Sounds mischievous? Yes it is! And definitely it will work.

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There are also a lot of sites that can help you to make prank calls and make fun of your friends by teasing and making them fool. It is not very difficult, rather it is very easy and you will feel yourself rolling on the floor after making prank calls. I too have used online websites for making prank calls and I used to select different voices from that website for trapping my buddies (and every time it worked).

The month of April is full of such mischievous pranks and fun things I am sure everybody of have also make your friends fool on the April fool’s day.  I sometimes also recorded all the conversations and used them as a tool for targeting my buddies. And after seeing their embarrassed faces I used to laugh with my team members (all those who helped me to fulfill our mischievous plans). Sometimes we used to change our voices and by appearing as our teachers and professors we make complaints of our friends to their parents (one of the most amazing moments of my life when the targeted person is caught in a very tricky situation).

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And let me tell you something, sometimes I too have caught in the similar situations when my friends have used the same technique of prank calls on me and I went so far with my unseen relationship (which was portrayed by my devil friends). My life is full of such funny memories and I used to remember them whenever I feel depressed in my life. Sounds funny? Yes it is! And you can also try the prank call tool for making your life amusing.

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