Heart Patient Met Angels In Heaven While His Heart Stopped Working For 2 Hours

A person’s heart had stopped working for many hours and he said that he had seen angels an also have conversation with God before he wake up with full recovery in the hospital.

It was before few days when this person suffered from heart failure as was sleeping with his wife. When his wife awoke and find that her husband had no breathing. Her efforts were all gone in vain which doctor had given in the form of instructions after calling on 911. In order to stabilize this person heartbeat defibrillator was used by the specialists.


He was admitted in ICU (i.e. intensive care unit) in one of the leading hospitals of the city but doctors was not certain that he would be again come in consciousness or not. However, the funny thing is that he always talks to his wife that doctors can never do anything. Doctor came out from the treatment room and told his wife that there is no response. His wife said that she wanted to pray for her husband along with his family.

The patient was hooked on the treatment machine in order to bring him in consciousness. However, his family members stand in the form of circle where patient was lying on his bed to pray for him. His wife said we all have prayed and God will accept our prayers. This person has a very long history regarding his heart problems but always woke up. This person always said that I will never go on like this to bed and die.

This person explains that how he was welcomed by angels in the heaven and how he was return back to earth. He said that there was fully white room in which he was kept and that room was so peaceful and surreal. He said that I was not in a dream as he had seen God and talk to him as well as angels were also there. There were distinct doors and angels were standing on the doors in order to welcome the persons who are coming from earth.

He said that he was escorted with the angels to bring him in second chances of door. Angel take my name and said follow me. After entering inside the door someone had taken my name and definitely it was God only. God said you have heart failure for divine purposes. God said that person is not alone on this earth as someone is there who are looking all your activities. So, one should always believe that God is in your heart and looking all your activities of life which a person is doing in this lifetime.


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