Invited in one Wedding went to other one

Once I and my family were invited in my father’s friend wedding ceremony. We didn’t know the family very well because we don’t usually go to their place and neither have they come but as he was my father’s colleagues so we were invited in his wedding reception. Usually, we don’t go in wedding but if there is very close relationship so then we go there to attend the wedding ceremony. But on that day we were free so we decided to go there. We wore new clothes and dressed formally in order to give good impression to others. Because you’re dressing resembles you that from which family you belong. Your first impression comes from the type of dressing you do. Then my father drove the car and we went to that wedding lawn.

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When we reached there, we were shocked that in that lawn four weddings were taking place and we were confused that in which wedding we have to go and the invitation card was also at home in which lawn number was written. We called that person but he didn’t pick up the phone. We didn’t know any of the persons from his family then after the discussion we came to the conclusion that we should go in lawn B as it seems more respectful and welcoming. We entered there and found the table to sit. Many people came to meet us, we didn’t know anybody but we also met with them with full confidence and courage. We enjoyed in wedding and after that we were so busy in the wedding that we didn’t even notice the bride and groom of the wedding.


Hence, the dinner started and we were busy in taking the dinner, many dishes were there we enjoyed the food a lot. When the time came for giving the gift we were shocked that the groom is not my father’s friend. He is somebody else, we were very amazed and then we came out from that wedding and when my father saw on right side that friend was standing and photo shoot was taking place. Our whole family went to the stage, gave the gift to them and met with them. When we were coming from wedding, we were smiling and laughing that what we did unintentionally. Now everytime we go to wedding we keep invitation card with us. This funny moment can also happen to you as well but believe me don’t get panic, meet with the people in full confidence so that if you are in wrong place so other person can’t recognize. This is a very common incident that can happen with any person but it is very funny to go in other person’s wedding and enjoy the event.

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