The joy of sharing your funny moments

Have you ever shared your funny and memorable moments with other? No? Then try this odd and crazy method for having huge fun with your friends. Sharing your funny and old moments with your close friends can provide with some of the quality and lovely time. The social media websites today have provided a great platform for having such kind of fun. I have personally tried this fun-filled method and had amazing memorable time with my friends and family members. You can take photos of your funny moments and then by uploading them to the social media sites like Facebook, you can have very good time.

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YouTube is also one such social media platform for sharing the funniest moments it others. I remember that me and my group of buddies used to take pictures of each other while sleeping at the class and then upload them on the Facebook, annoying and teasing them with bad names and having loads of fun. Oh! That feels great. I have noticed that the funny pictures, funny video clips and movies have a great power to mold our mood towards a lighter side. Every one of us have some kind of funny corner inside us but many people shy to unveil that funny person residing inside themselves. Hey! Don’t be shy and start sharing your light funny moments sharing with others (just like me!)

One great amusing idea, which can be used for having fun is to photo shop the funny pictures in more funny way and by making them just like crazy, will turn out you and your gang in a very funny mood and you will surely found yourself lying on the carpet (because of laughing so badly. Sound really interesting and funny? Yes! It is very funny actually and is the best way to relieve your stressful and tight routine into a relaxed and lighter one. In this way, you can only provide your life with a light breeze of fun, but you can put a smile on the faces of others also.


Have anybody experienced, laughing on non-sense jokes with your friends, and teasing you friends by calling silly and stupid names, and making fun of your closest buddy on his idiotic act? I am sure all of you would be remembering these moments and now have started laughing. Share these lovely moments with others with the help of pictures, making comics or by uploading videos on social media forums. B sharing these funny moments on the social media forums, you can get a lot of likes and comments in return, and these comments would result in constant gossip and interaction between you and your friends.

Life is so short and depressing sometimes, so make it light by being funny and making others funny too,( yes I know it sounds crazy, but please do try them). Inspire others with your craziest and funny moments and live your light in a funny and relaxed manner.


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