It is never too late to start a family

Well I will be revealing you a strange and funny truth. Now some people are genuinely full of life and believe that life should be colorful, even when one is about to hit the death bed. Well that is called a true optimistic approach.Never give upon life, is the moral of these people. Great or bad  thing to do, well that depends upon a person’s approach. However being full of life to an extremism may sounds a bit funny. You must be very keen to know, what I am talking about? Well the news is that a 94 year old has lately become a father.

94 Year old manFunny and weird at the same time. At 94, the only thing a person can think of is visiting the grave. However  this guy had much better plans. I think he planned upon living another 100 years. After all a person would only plan a family at this point of time, if he would think he is immortal. Ramajit Raghav lives in a small village in India. Has been working in farms for 2 years. He got this child from his second wife , who also touched her 50’s. Must say great spirited couple, who believe in increasing the population even at life’s fag end. The lady delivered the baby boy in a Government hospital. The new father was definitely very happy with the child’s birth. The interesting point is that the guy had no perception of death and he believed, that he would be there with the child for all times to come. Should we call this stupidity or pure optimism? The guy believes that death can only strike him, if a black snake bites him. Otherwise the old guy is of the opinion, that he can live another 10 years.

These are some very funny and strange facts. However the actual truth is, that medically, it is possible to have kids even at such an old age. Now I have strongly started to believe in one thing, the spirit has to be there and the things are bound to fall your away. It seems  that if this guy is this optimistic, more children might be on the way. He might be producing another child on his century, it seems. Anyhow such high spirited couples are difficult to find, who live life to the fullest. Great Going guys.

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