Making Fake Facebook Accounts and Irritate Your Friends

In my college days, I went to college in morning and in evening I stayed at home and usually I got bore due to daily boring life. Therefore, I demanded to my father and he gave me permission to put an internet connection. I made my account in yahoo and transfer emails. Then, after that when face book was introduced I decided to make an account on that. Similarly, I made a fake account on a girl name. I was daily accessing both the accounts but on my own personal account I was getting very few notifications and friend requests.


But on the fake account, I was getting very high numbers of requests and notifications so I started using that fake account and was very active on that profile. People were adding me, they were trying to chat with me, and they want me to meet them somewhere. I was also getting very bored so I started responding to their messages as a girl and talking with them. I was also changing my profile pictures regularly as a result of that nobody thought that on the other side there is a guy who is responding to all the messages.

After long time on conversations, I started making them fool by calling them and giving them addresses to come at this place we will meet. But I didn’t go and the other people were coming to those places. Then on the next day, they were asking me why you didn’t come etc. This was limited to unknown people but then I started irritating my close friends in order to see their nature and test them. This same procedure I followed and was making them fools, by inviting them to come and meet me at different places.

funny chat


They were so eager to meet me that they were also coming from one corner of the city to another corner. That was so funny that when I was making somebody fool I was laughing for so many days. You can also make a fake profile by first making you fake email address and make fake profile on face book. You can update your profile and try to add maximum people and then after starting initial conversation you can test them. You have to talk in such a way that the person on the other side trusts you. As it is not ethical but for the sake of passing time it is a perfect activity but you should be in your limits, not attack anybody personally. Just for the sake of entertainment it is very funny exercise through which you will enjoy and time will rush very fast. My recommendation is that you can try but being in limit is very important.


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