How to make wife happy

When it comes to understanding women, this is one of the most difficult tasks to do. More than 20 percent of men have failed in understanding women as their psyche is totally out of the world and not understandable by simple men. The only thing that men have been wondering for ages are that what women wants to hear and how to keep them happy. We men are always afraid to compliment are wives because we love our life. Who knows what makes our wives angry and trust me this can turn out with much worse results. I personally have a very bad experience. Once I called my wife fat and trust me she didn’t cook food for me for one whole day. I actually had to pay off for one small joke. This is why I would like to advise all men out there, not to mess with your wives and girlfriends.

All men who are tired of wondering how to keep their wife happy must know some simple things that would help them throughout their life. Some of the tips to keep your wife happy are given below:


  • Compliment Them Nicely:

Tell them they are beautiful instead of telling them the truth that they are not. When it comes to praising your wife, tell them as many lies as you can. Don’t go to the facts that she is not beautiful or she is fat. Tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and she looks just amazing in every dress she wears. Tell her every day that she is gorgeous and you can very easily free yourself from a big stress known as woman complaints.

  • Listen To Her:

If you want to stay happy and keep your wife happy, then never refuse to listen to her. Whether she is right or wrong, just listen to her. This can save you from one big complaint of your wife *you never listen to me*. Wives usually stay happy when their men listen to everything they say. Whether you don’t act according to her saying, still hear her once, so that she can’t do any drama later on.

  • Never Comment On Her Weight:

If you want to live a peaceful life, never give comments to your wife on her weight. Never tell her that she has gained weight and look fat. This is one of the biggest tensions that a man can go through. Even if she looks fat, tell her that she doesn’t, even if she asks. Tell her she is beautiful and still looks like a teenage girl. Trust me this can make your wife happy and you can live your life with full peace.


  • Ask For Her Opinion:

Whenever doing anything, always ask your wife to give her opinion, so that she doesn’t make any complaints in the future that you didn’t consider listening to her. Her opinion might be stupid as we all go through this, but trust me this is another important thing to do to keep women happy. 

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