Passenger Jet Misses Collision With An UFO Over Glasgow Sky

According to a report it was informed that passenger aeroplane for Jet Company had missed an unidentified flying object (UFO) when it was in skies above. In the previous year and in the last month of the year pilots saw yellow and blue objects before they have entered into the their final stop. UK investigation board known as Airpox Board could not identify and was unable to investigate that what crew and pilots had seen.


According to the board report it was declared that Airbus A320 was successfully flying and the skies were also very clear while this bus was above Baillieston around 1: 00 PM when this incident occurred. This Airbus was flying at 4000ft when both co-pilot and pilot start reporting that they have seen UFO and is only 100 meter away from their plane.

According to the reports they told that UFO passed beneath their Airbus not allowing them to take any action. Although according to them the appearance of this object was somewhat silver, yellow and blue in color and also having a small area however it was larger in comparison to a balloon. According to the pilot estimation it was said that the distance between object and plane was approximately 300ft and he also told that risk collision was increased after he had assessed the distance from the object.

Pilot said that he had asked at Airport from the controller that whether anything was being watched at that particular time or not. But according to the airport controller he said nothing was seen on the radar on that particular time and day. However, many queries were raised out regarding this incident which also includes the sources of radar. According to the investigation report it was declared that surveillance sources were not in a position to track any activity which was informed by the pilot of A320.

After making several investigations it was finally found that no information was there which can indicate about the presence of alien activity in that particular area. According to the pilots as well as investigation report it was believed that the design of that object was of hot air, helicopter or a fixed-wing plane and had not seen on the radar. In the conclusion: Investigation members are unable to end with a successful ending as investigation board was not able to collect enough evidences in order to proof a risk or a cause.



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