People With The Wackiest Jobs

Some people like to take up wacky jobs like chewing dog food, sniffing under arms and watching the paint dry. Mark spends his entire day by chewing the treats that is fit for dogs. He says that if the foodstuff cannot be eaten by us then how we can expect our canine to eat them. He does this to see how sweet and soft the dog sticks were. He states that it has to be an enjoyable experience for the dog as well. Since his dog cannot talk hence he will not be able to say about the taste of the food he does it himself to know whether it is fit for his dog or not. This shows the love for his dog.People With The Wackiest Jobs

Unilever is a consumer goods company. They produce different brands of deodorant. One of their employees Peta Jones also loves her job although she has to smell armpits of strangers’ for a living. She is the company’s underarm odor assessor and her work is on R&D so that the company can develop products like Impulse, Lynx, Dove, in addition to Rexona. She states that she felt very strange in the beginning but later on she got used to her job. There are more people who are doing this job in her company. They are proud of their job since it was providing them with good results. She further adds that when she sniffs the underarm of a stranger then she does it to get the degree of odor, the kind of odor and also measures the goodness of the products that her company manufactures.

Watching the paint dry sometimes sounds as if it is mind-numbingly tedious to a few but Paul McCorkell Taubmans technological manager has turned this job into an art form. He spends a minimum of a few days in a year by simply staring at the walls which is freshly painted. He does this at his factory in Villawood. He states that he does not sit there for hours together but he is able to evaluate the paint at frequent intervals. McCorkell alleged he determines paint a great deal more charming than the standard person. He walks into a building just to have a look at the painting whereas others walk around a building only to look at its architectural beauty. Even though this is an odd job but still he likes it.

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