How to be Ridiculous in Summertime and Swimming in the Sea

Summertime, sun, sea, beach, my wine and my boyfriend. What every woman would like to have. Every summer I am travelling to my homeland with my boyfriend to spend our summer. In summer time Mediterranean beaches are full of people having fun. Sometimes it is so crowded that you don’t have space to lie down. Most of them always have something to play with beach racquets, a ball for beach soccer or beach volley, or their books to read a story or a magazine crossword. Swim in the sea isn’t just swim for me, always caring my sea buckets, my inflatable ring and a lot of other stuffs to have fun with. Sometimes people steering at me like an alien or they are coming to play with my stuffs. George (my boyfriend) always says “what do you want those things” and bla bla bla to me. I am not listening him and sometimes I put him to carrying everything I have (he get angry but he loves me).

ridiculous swimming

Well here is the story of the majority embarrassing day of my live. That day I went to the sea alone, without George. I parked in the parking lot and start unloading my car with my toys. As I was walking to the beach every child was staring at me (wanting to play with my toys), their parents might think “she is thirty…..” and I was thinking “breath in, breath out, you are thirty you can do everything you like”. I opened my umbrella, spread my make dry on the beach, lay back and started reading my book.

The time was passing, the sun was rising, people on the beach doubled and I decided to swim. I took everything I needed like my sea goggles and my hot-air balloon ring (on my way to the sea I had stopped to a gas station to inflate my ring). I walked for about 50-70 meters so the water overcomes my knee. I brought the ring in front of me and I jumped on it and then BAM. The ring bowed up, one and all (because of the sound) turned their heads towards me and started to laugh. I was so embarrassed, so I put my head in the sea and waited till my lungs blow. As I was drowning decided to pull my head out of water and start swimming? A man came at me and asked if I was ok, I nodded my head without saying anything, he smiled and passed by. After that a child asked me “where is your ring? I liked, I want to play with” I answered “it’s gone”.


I let time pass to everybody leave the beach and to be alone. My hands were covered with water when I decide to go out of the sea. On the beach I saw George laughing and starting joking at me.  I will definitely remember that day for ages.

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