Sleepwalking Took A Farmer’s Wife Nine Miles Away From Their Home

A farmer’s wife was disappeared having climbed out of their kitchen window in her sleep; she was finally traced down nine miles away from home after nearly two days. A major search by the police was sparked off when Joy Grigg, aged 50 years, vanished from home on early Wednesday morning 13th March 2013. Richard, her husband, 53, woke up to find that his wife had disappeared leaving the windows of the kitchen wide open.



Joy, who has two children had gone missing from Wednesday early morning and was found on 14th march night in a bush by a local near the Camelford area in Cornwall. She had gone missing in a similar manner on January 2013, when she sleepwalked from her farm house in Tregeare, close to Launceston, Cornwall, and wandered away for five miles.

Mr Grigg who lives with this wife and their grownup sons Martin and Geogg aged 27 and 25 respectively live in the Lower Kyrse Farm said that it was great that Joy had finally been found. He also added that they had all been really worried about her security and were beginning to get concerned as the time passed by though they were feeling quite relieved as she had been finally found and were all looking ahead to having her back home.

Mr Grigg said that his wife was very sensible individual and a loving wife and mother and they were all happy to have Joy back. Mrs. Grigg was fortunate to have been traced just before rescue personnel were calling off the search for that night. The North Dartmoor Search as well as the Rescue representatives said that they were helping out for the second day and had been searching in and around areas in Launceston for the missing Joy Grigg.

He went on and said that it was when they were nearly finished for the day that Joy was finally found and in perfect health. The Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Inspector Shaun Kenneally gratefully commented that had got the whole hearted support by both the public and other volunteer agencies in their hunt for the missing Joy.

Mr Grigg, who has been married to Joy for 28 years, observed that it wasn’t the first time that his wife had gone the “vanishing” act. He was reminded of the time that she had wandered off in January – which was about a month and a half earlier- and was traced about five miles from where they lived. He said that, at that time they were able to trace her by repeatedly contacting her through her mobile when finally the vibration of the mobile in her sack that helped her to woke up.

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