Strange Chef Cooks His Own Private Parts For A Meal

There are different types of foods available in the world. It varies from place to place like Burger in the US to Sashimi in Japan, etc. Thousands of themed restaurants offer a great variety of foods, which is strange enough to say that some are made from poisonous fish. But Guess what’s even stranger? A MAN’S GENITALS!

Yes, you have heard it right, “A man’s genitals.” A chef in Japan has offered to cook his own genitals to the buyer according to their wish of time and place. This man has come up with this offer for a price of 100,000 Yen to the buyer.

Strange Chef Cooks His Own Private Parts For A Meal

Mao Sugiyama 22, a chef in Japan is a self proclaimed sexually neutral man who has undergone his penis removal operation. He has collected the parts of his genitals and offered to cook and sell them. He tweeted about this in his twitter page that he will cook and serve his penis, scrotum and his testes to the person who is willing to pay the price.

This became shocking news in Japan and it went viral in the internet. On witnessing the popularity of this news, he decided to host a taster event called ‘Ham Cybele- Century Banquet’ in Tokyo and invited diners to taste his genitals at a cost of $250 per plate. Six people agreed to visit this diner event to taste the man’s genitals. But only five of them were seen at the event. There was a huge crowd gathered who were excited to witness this unusual event.

The five diners who visited the event were asked to sign a waiver agreement which is entitled to say that Mao Sugiyama will not be responsible for any predicaments on tasting his genitals. This event happened successfully although Mao was not able to reach his bid of 100,000 Yen.

The pictures of this event were posted by a blogger in his site and then later on it was deleted. Now, this is one of the strangest food events any one could have ever heard in the world.

What’s more surprising is that the response of the policemen who were in charge in Tokyo. They coolly said that there are no rules in Japan to state that cannibalistic act like this are illegal and hence they could not take any legal action on this matter. This rule of the Japan’s government seemed way too unusual from the genital serving event.

Now, flesh lovers know where to go.

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