The Courageous Girl

Universal Nature of Men:
The nature of boys and men all over the world seems to be the same. They have a general liking of girls and there are some of them who just can’t resist it. Even when such men are married they keep showing interest in other women and girls and always seem to be peeking at them in offices, markets and shopping malls. It’s fine if they just restrict this to peeking and don’t cross their limits, however some boys and men cross the limits and start passing stupid comments and whistle too.

Girls normally on the other hand seem to be very decent and modest in this regard and never do such acts of stupidity. Rather they severely dislike this act and get annoyed. But as most of the women and girls in south Asia don’t really know their rights and their power, they often get scared of such people and just to let it go, pass by such stupid men and ignore their acts.

The Courageous Ones:
There are however some courageous girls out there too who seem to get really pissed off at such acts and if someone does so, they make an example out of him. A similar incident happened last week when I was at one of the leading markets of the city. It was a Saturday and there was a lot of rush in the market. People were busy in their shopping and they were all enjoying the weather a lot as it was cloudy all around and a very cool breeze was blowing. I had gone with my brother to get a new shirt for myself as my interview at a multinational firm was drawing near and I wanted to get dressed in the best possible way.

The Crux:
However in the market while shopping we could see from a distance how such stupid boys continued to carry on their mischievous acts of whistling etc. As I was watching from a distance a dramatic scene happened. A girl passed in front of such a boy and he passed some comment about her and called her hot, he also said something bad about her body and then whistled. This infuriated the girl and she turned all of a sudden and smashed her purse right into the face of that boy, after which she grabbed his hair and started shouting loudly, calling him bad names and asking him if he did such acts at home too with his mother and sisters too. All the other hooligans present on the scene fled. Soon came the security and got hold of the boy but the girl’s rage never seemed to end. She picked up a stone from nearby and smashed it into his head which started bleeding.


Female security members tried to control the strong girl but she was a very powerful young lady and in her stream of fury she just wanted to turn the boy into little pieces. She was continuously shouting at him and kept trying to get herself free from the security and hit him again. The boy on the other hand had not even thought that something like this could ever happen to him and was all in awe, trying to understand that he had been beaten by a strong girl in the local market and that had brought a lot of embarrassment for him.

The Ending:
After about 10 minutes police arrived at the spot and took the boy away while beating him with wooden sticks. After which the people went back to normal and the bazaar was now free from the hooligans. Me and my brother kept laughing at how the stupid boy got his punishment and got severely bashed in front of such a huge crowd.

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  1. Awesome

    These boys must be taught a lesson then and there only. Because of these kind of boys, we girls have to face so much restrictions at home and everywhere

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