Student’s forgotten Homework not Needed

Whatever happens, always try to be a good student. That was what my parents always I and most times I try to follow their advice as much as possible. After all they are supposed to know better than me. But there are times when I am very lazy and I just try to get by. Sometimes I just let my being an extrovert work for me and increase my grades in class participation. There have been many moments where I chose to cruise my way to get a good grade including leaving my homework for the last minute. One day I forgot that my class had homework due. I wrote it down in my notebook with the date but of course because I was not focused on what I was doing, I promptly forgot about it. So on this day, I got to school and saw the date on a calendar.

I was panicking because I have nothing to show the teacher and the rest of the class. They will laugh at me and the teacher will get very angry, she may even yell. People of course did the homework and I will look bad. I may make everyone get extra homework because of my actions. So I started thinking of excuses that I can say to justify why I did not have my homework with me. Everyone knows the classic excuse used by so many students for the longest time, “the dog ate my homework!” The idea is that the homework was finished by the student and is ready for submission to the teacher. But her pet dog got into her bag and ate the homework so she can no longer submit it for grading.


I thought, perfect, I can use that excuse. So I was creating a story in my head where “the dog ate my homework” scenario would best work. I had already crafted it in my head when I suddenly realized, I do not have a dog. So I was back to square one.

I made up a story in my head that someone stole from my bag. I looked at my bag and contemplated slashing one side of it using a cutter so it looked like someone did steal from me. But that would mean destroying an otherwise useful and pretty bag. So I could not use that excuse.

Maybe, I thought, it would be a good idea if I skipped this class. Someone, especially a faculty member could catch me, but I can pretend to be sick so I will not be scolded and reprimanded.

But that will entail so much preparation that I decided not to use that excuse.

Then I thought, I can do the assignment really quickly and at least get a note in the rolls that I participated. I can just ask the teacher to give me some time to re-submit so I can make it better. She will like it because it will show that I have initiative.

So I furiously began writing.

I walked into class, no one was there. The teacher was absent that day and asked the class to do independent study instead and submit the homework next week. I really should try to be a better student.


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