How to talk? To a girl?

Looking at the title, all the boys out there, you got excited? Yes? (Boys always would like to impress girls, and, of-course, girls do like to impress boys, it’s natural after all) you are right, this article might help you to impress a girl, or, might not! ( Kindly don’t scold me after reading, if it din’t work out, 100% no guarantee, as every girl is a unique portrayal!?!?!??) boy-and-girl-love-41603_bigger

Here, I would like to put up a few points that would help you to understand a girl ( yeah, any girl) and impress her by doing the “beautiful” stuffs she likes. (note: beautiful).

1) There are people who use to talk very fine and jovial even during our first meet. Mostly, these type of people would score high in our heart in the beginning, but, unfortunately, most of “this type” fail to maintain the high score that they had secured. They try to procure too much of our personal space and this obviously  irritates everyone. Obviously, girls are the same. They love talking, but not too much talking! (But, remember, we are exceptional that we will talk much)

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2) Don’t beat your drums hard! (what do I mean? :O ) If a girl is talking to you, as a friend, or as a colleague, and you started liking her, obviously friends around you will pass comments at times like, “hey, it seems you both are talking for a long time, do you both love? yea, we know, you love”. And when you get such comments, don’t beat your drums or blow your trumpet saying stuffs like, “yea, we talk for hours together, day and night, we love…”. Saying such imaginary things would spoil the total image! So, shut down your music system!

3) Give and take respect! In the beginning, it is better to leave a gap and show respect in “words, actions and every possible way”. Respect is one thing every girl expects, but, once she starts loving you, she won’t expect too much respect, but, if you reduce your level of respect, you must face the terrible consequences 😛

4) DND! When you have just started your friendship story with her, don’t disturb her very often. But, don’t forget to at times. Talk to her, but with a  solid reason to talk, because, if you just say “hi, how are you, am free, just speaking…”, she might think that you are a flirt! :O So, disturb her but do not! (confused? yea, even I am! :O)


5) No to other girls! We are over possessive that we won’t like our man talking to other girl with a big smile. So, avoid big-big teeth or tooth showing smiles to other girls. This is a bit too much, but, if you really love her, do it! She’ll fly over heavens! I know, how much confused you are after reading this one! (Hot enough to blow my heads off? :O) Let me make it clear, simple! Too much of anything is good for nothing, respect, don’t talk a lot to other girls, DND, Love! Have a great love story ahead  ?

PS – We are dedicating this article to all the single boys out there, free of cost, as a festival offer 😛

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