Funny Facts of Man and Woman

I am going to let you know here some of the extraordinary facts between boys and girls. You can know these qualities of your all boyfriends and girl-friends. If you are a man and you have a girl-friend then it is must for you that you should know her qualities so that you can take care of her and show her that how much you care her and how much safe she can feel when she is with you. If you are a husband then also this is must for you that you know your woman qualities. Rather, I would say that husband has more responsibilities and he is much responsible to take care of his wife.

I would not deny the reverse also. What I mean to say is that the girls should know about their boy-friends and if you are a wife of any good husband then it becomes your foremost duty to make your husband happy by looking after him. For this, you should know atleast some things and qualities of your man and how you can please him. If you will not know your man’s qualities then it will be very difficult for you to make him happy everytime. I don’t know that whether any wife or husband can make their partners happy all times but then also, you can make him or her happy atleast at some times and you can make sure atleast that he or she is not sad due to you.

Funny Man Woman facts

You need not to learn books or take any special tuition on this but if you know what your partner wants then you can be in safe condition, atleast for some amount of time and can gain value in his or her eyes. So, in order to have this, just focus on my below points for both boys and girls and you are all ready to go.

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Funny Facts of Men

1. All men have very much busy schedule.

2. Though men have a much busy and hectic time whole day, still they are in a position to grab some time for their ladies.

3. The men really bother for all girls. All the ladies are equal for them. All need girls just for their time-pass.

4. Every boy has atleast one girlfriend. Infact, they have many with whom they can play and can pass their time.

5. But still if any girl leaves them, they get deeply hurt.

6. Though the ladies always cheat them and change their gentlemen often but then also the gentlemen try for other ladies.

Women Funny Facts

1. Ladies like financially secure gentlemen.

2. Women love money but then also waste a lot of money on buying extra stuff like buying clothes and sandals.

3. Inspite of costly and new design clothes, they wear very few clothes to cover their body.

4. Girls always look beautiful.

5. Wives always want that their partners should praise them.

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