Top 10 Funniest Humor Websites

What are comedy websites?

Comedy websites are extremely popular and they have become even more popular ever since most comedy websites have become integrated with social networks and social media. People nowadays simply visit comedy websites, have a good laugh and share whatever content they consider extremely funny with their friends through social networks and social networking websites. Sharing comedic or humorous content with each other has become kind of an online tradition, which is the reason why most people often engage in such activities.


Top 10 funniest comedy websites

There is no doubt in any internet dweller’s mind that comedy websites are extremely important to the online ecosystem. However, some comedy websites are more important as compared to others and are more popular as compared to others. Many people wonder which comedy websites are the funniest, which is the reason why comedy websites, like most other types of websites, have started being ranked according to their popularity. The following are the top 10 funniest humor websites according to not only the content which they display but also their popularity:


Break is considered to be the funniest humor website out of all the many humor websites in existence. Break is a comedy website which not only displays extremely funny content but is outrageously popular among the generation of today. Designed to give people looking for a break a good laugh, Break is a website that can definitely help a person in their quest to Laugh Out Loud. In addition, Break has also received quite a reaction from critics.


9GAG is an extremely popular comedy website which has definitely proved that it belongs in this list of the top 10 funniest humor websites. The content that the website displays is nothing but funny, which is the sole reason why it is considered to be one of the all-time greats of the online humor industry.


The Onion

It is a known fact that onions are supposed to make a person cry, but The Onion is a website which is definitely capable of making a person Roll on the Floor Laughing.

The Chive

As a comedy website, The Chive has managed to help millions of people laugh until they drop, which is the reason why it deserves to be in this list.


Cheeseburger is the home of the cheesiest, funniest content on the internet.


No matter what situation a person is in, FARK is a website that is definitely capable of cheering them up.

Funny or Die

Beware; be very aware, because Funny or Die is a website that can definitely help you to a serving of such funny content that you might laugh to the point where you die.


The content that the website displays can definitely crack even the most serious of people up.

College Humor

Loved by the generation of today, College Humor is definitely a must-visit website for people looking for a good laugh or two.

Video Bash

Video Bash is home to the funniest videos on this planet, making it a comedy website which a person should definitely visit.

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