Top 5 Funniest Movie Characters of all time

A large number of movies have been created, produced and release over the history of this world, and each of the movies which have been created, produced and released so far belong to a specific genre. There are many, many genres of movies and among the many genres of movies which have been created throughout the history of the world, the most appreciated and loved genre is without a doubt the comedy genre. Comedy movies, also referred to as funny movies, are movies which use humor and comedy to entertain viewers. However, the element which plays the most important role in making a movie funny or comedic is without a doubt the main characters of the movie. Funny movies are based around funny characters and some of these characters are funnier as compared to others. Many wonder which funny movie characters are the funniest movie characters all time. Well, the following are the top 5 funniest movie characters of all time:

Alan Garner


Alan Garner is the main character of the series of movies which include “The Hangover”, “The Hangover Part II” and “The Hangover Part III”. Alan Garner is a person who is not only obese but also suffers from a mental illness which has caused his body to grow but has left his brain underdeveloped, making it the equivalent of the brain of a 15-year old. Alan Garner lacks a considerable amount of common sense and does not know how to react in most situations, making the character seem quite ridiculous and funny.

Leslie Chow

Leslie Chow is another character from “The Hangover” series of movies. The character has been depicted as the main antagonist of all the three movies which are part of “The Hangover” series. Leslie is a homosexual Asian and is infatuated with Alan, making for a considerable amount of awkward moments which, at the same time, are extremely hilarious. Leslie has an extremely unstable mood which keeps changing from time to time, and also has an attitude which is unbearable for most people.

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura, a pet detective, is the main character of a series of movies which were based on the character itself. The character has been depicted as the main protagonist of the series of movies and has been depicted as jolly and happy-go-lucky person who takes his job a little too seriously and makes sure that he gets the job done once he decides on doing something.

The Mask


The Mask is the main character of a series of movies which are based solely on the character and has been depicted as the main protagonist of all of the movies which are a part of the series.

Admiral General Aladeen

Admiral General Aladeen is the main character form the movie “The Dictator” and is played by renowned comedy actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Admiral General Aladeen is a timid, sexist and cruel leader who is quite easy to trick and misunderstands most situations. In addition, the character also holds a considerable amount of pride, which makes the character even funnier in situations where the character needs to perform tasks which, in his opinion, are beneath him.

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