Top 5 Funniest Television Series of all time

Everyone sitting down every day, having some snacks, sipping on colas and beer and watching a television series has become kind of a tradition in almost every home in the world. Television shows and television series are extremely popular in almost every country in existence. There are many types of television series, out of which only a handful are eligible to be seen with the whole family. One of these types is the funny television series. Funny television series are television series which are, in one way or the other, hilarious and funny. For example, sitcoms are television series which are based solely on comedy and humor, with some sitcoms also having a touch of drama to them, thus making them even more suitable for the whole family.

Many people wonder which television series are the funniest so that they can watch them. Well, the following are the top 5 funniest television series of all time:

The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom which began in the year 2007, is loved by almost the entire world. With an amazing television rating, the show has managed to be on air for 6 years and has not in the least bit disappointed its fans. The Big Bang Theory is based around the ridiculous lives of four scientists and their respective pursuits. The Big Bang Theory is one of those sitcoms that have a touch of drama to them.


“Friends” is a sitcom which has now come to an end, but was, without a doubt, one of the best funny television series of all time. This sitcom also has a pinch of drama to it as it is based on the lives of a few friends and their respective pursuits. Most television critics hold high regards for the show, especially because the show aired for a massive 10 seasons in total.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom which is quite similar to friends and has now entered its 10th season, which has been announced to be its last. Based on the ridiculous and comedic lives of 5 friends, the show combines the perfect amount of comedy with the perfect amount of drama and romance. How I Met Your Mother is definitely a treat for the eyes.

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men, a sitcom which was originally based around the lives of two brothers, is quite comedic but is not ideal to watch with the family as it contains some intimate or inappropriate moments. “Two and a Half Men” now revolves around the story of the life of Alan Harper (one of the two original brothers) and Walden Schmidt (an online entrepreneur and millionaire).

2 Broke Girls


2 Broke Girls, a television sitcom which revolves around the lives of two friends who work as waitresses at a local diner and dream of opening their own cupcake store, is a series which is loved by a large portion of the world. The fan reception of the series was so great that it has now entered its 3rd season, while at the same time making sure that the fans do not lose interest in the show.

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