Top 5 Funniest TV commercials of all time

Television commercials are short videos which describe a product of service (mostly in a positive manner). To be more specific, a Television commercial is a span of television programming produced by and paid for by an organization which wants to market its product or service. In most cases, television commercials convey messages regarding the product or service which is being marketed and use techniques which make the viewer of the commercials interested in the products or services which the commercials are marketing.

Most commercials are given specific themes according to the marketing techniques which they use and the products or services which they market. One of the many themes which are quite commonly applied TV commercials is the funny theme. Over the years, the funny theme has been applied to a plethora of different TV commercials and some commercials where funnier as compared to others. Well, the following are the top 5 funniest TV commercials of all time:

K-Mart’s “Ship My Pants” TV commercial from 2013


K-Mart’s latest TV commercial, which was named “Ship my Pants”, can very well be considered funniest TV commercial of all time. The message which the commercial conveys is that if a person fails to find what they are looking for at a K-Mart store, it will be shipped to them by the store’s official website. The wordplay in the advertisement make extremely funny and ridiculous. The scale of the humor in the commercial is definitely unparalleled and unexplainable in words.

Apple’s “Stuffed” TV commercial from 2007

The “Stuffed” TV commercial which Apple released in the year 2007 in order to market its Mac and prove that it is better than PC is another one of the fan favorites when it comes to Funny TV commercials. The commercial features a slim man (who portrays Apple’s Mac) and an extremely obese man (who portrays PC). The extremely obese man keeps talking about how he can’t do anything much because of all the trial applications which he has eaten (installed).

Skittles’ “Piñata” TV commercial from 2008


Skittles’ Piñata TV commercial from 2008, which featured a man who had been beaten like a human Piñata but managed to recover after eating Skittles, is another one of the top 5 funniest TV commercials of all time. The employee’s shriek during the last moments of the advertisement was simply priceless.

K-Mart’s “The Easy Life” TV commercial from 2013

With the degree of humor in most of K-mart’s advertisements, one should not be surprised that the store managed to secure two places in this list. Another one of K-Mart’s 2013 TV commercials, which was dubbed “The Easy Life”, is an extremely funny and hilarious TV commercial which managed to put a smile on the faces of a considerable number of people.

Volkswagen’s “Choose Wisely” TV commercial from 2013

Volkswagen’s 2013 TV commercial, which was named “Choose Wisely”, went viral immediately after its release on February 11th because of the degree of humor which the commercial contained. If a person wants to really Laugh Out Loud, they should definitely give this TV commercial a chance to enlighten their “humor senses”.

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