Top 5 Funniest Wedding Theme ideas

There is a bizarre side to everything, and that includes weddings. There have many, many weddings in the past that were as bizarre as a person can simply imagine. A wedding is most probably the most important event in a person’s life, apart from their birth and death of course. When a person decides on getting married, they want to make sure that they end their bachelor life with a “bang” and begin their married life with an event which they will remember for the rest of their lives. Well, the fact that most people want to make sure that their wedding is memorable is the reason why most people want to make sure that their wedding is unique and is not like normal weddings.

Some people go even as far as to turn their wedding into an extremely ridiculous or bizarre one just so they can make sure that it is memorable. Well, the one part of a wedding which can most easily be turned bizarre, ridiculous or funny is the theme which the wedding features. Many people choose a ridiculously funny theme for their wedding and come up with extremely funny ideas for their wedding theme in order to make sure that their wedding becomes an event to remember. Well, some wedding themes are funnier than others. The following are the top 5 funniest wedding theme ideas to have ever been recorded in the past:

Wedding fun 1

Funeral Wedding Theme

A funeral wedding theme is not only funny and ridiculous but is extremely bizarre. Could a sane person even think of conducting their wedding in a manner which is somewhat similar to the manner in which a funeral is conducted? Well, the theme’s bizarreness is what makes it one of the funniest wedding theme ideas to have ever existed. In addition, the weddings of many people have featured the funeral wedding theme, most of which are weddings that were held in the past decade. Funeral wedding themes are a rare sit but are extremely bizarre and hilarious.

Circus Wedding Theme

Another one of the funniest wedding theme ideas is the circus wedding theme. Circuses are extremely hilarious, which is the sole reason why wedding that feature circus wedding themes are quite hilarious too.

funy throwing-cats

Superhero Wedding Theme

Many people would argue that a Superhero Wedding Theme is not exactly funny. However, the costumes which people wear to weddings which feature superhero wedding themes are definitely hilarious, and so are the decorations and catering so such weddings.

Star Wars Wedding Theme

Star Wars is undoubtedly a great franchise, but weddings that feature Star Wars Wedding themes are undoubtedly ridiculous. There have been many weddings that featured Star Wars wedding themes over the past decade, and all of these weddings were as funny as one can imagine. Well, a priest in a Darth Vader costume is definitely downright hilarious.

Casual Wedding Theme

Even though a casual wedding theme is not exactly popular, it is definitely hilarious and a bit ridiculous. After all, how awkward and funny would the bride and groom look if they were getting married while wearing casual clothes instead of wedding dresses?

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