Top 8 Funniest Inventions of all time

The world is simply full of inventions. In fact, the world has gotten to its current stage thanks to the many inventions which have been created. Humans have been inventing stuff ever since they realized they could invent stuff. From the wheel to the modern cell phone, almost everything which the typical human living in the current era uses is an invention from the past. There have been many different inventions, some useful and some useless. The plethora of inventions which this world is home to is simply remarkable. People have been inventing stuff since a long period of time and they will keep doing so for the ages to come. In fact, people are inventing stuff as this article is being written.

Not all inventions which were created in the past are useful. Some inventions are simply useless. On the other hand, some inventions are as hilarious as an invention can be. There are a considerable amount of funny and ridiculous inventions in this world. The following are the top 8 funniest and silliest inventions of all time:

Baby Stroller/Scooter


The baby stroller/scooter is a remarkably funny invention which is, to an extent, quite useful. The baby stroller/scooter is a baby stroller which has a board attached to its rear. The person driving the stroller can use it as a skateboard or scooter by simply gaining momentum and getting on the board.

Noodle Fan

The noodle fan, created to answer the rants of many people, is an extremely funny yet useful invention. The noodle fan is a fan which can be attached to a pair of chopsticks or a fork and serves the purpose of cooling the noodles which one is about to eat.

Hander pants

Hander pants are underpants for one’s hands. The reason why Hander pants are funny is because we already have gloves, eliminating the need for such an invention.

Flask Tie


The flask tie is a tie which doubles as a flask. One can store any liquid in a Flask Tie and drink the stored liquid using a tip of the flask which remains exposed. Flask ties are definitely funny, if anything.

Ping Pong Door

The Ping Pong door is a door which doubles as a ping pong table. Although the ping pong table part of the door is quite small, the invention is still quite useful and extremely funny.

Goggle Umbrella

The Goggle Umbrella is an umbrella which has a part of it cut out. The cut out part of the umbrella is shaped like goggles, allowing the person using the umbrella to have clear vision while avoiding rain or sunlight.

Sleeping bag with arms and legs

The sleeping bag with arms and legs is another funny yet useful invention. Using this invention, a person can walk around normally and when they feel the need to sleep, they can simply lie down and sleep in their cozy and warm clothes.

Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is a warm and cozy hat which doubles as a pillow and covers one’s entire head. A person can also slide their hands into this pillow to achieve optimum comfort while sleeping.

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