Eight things for which women need men!

I was never aware about the celebration of “International Men’s day”, before this. All I know was women’s day & mother’s day (how selfish! – You know, when I first heard this word, “selfish” as a 4th class kid for the first time, I thought that it denoted a Fish). Let’s stop flying around and come back to the bench – Men’s day – November 19th. Belated, Happy Men’s day guys! 🙂 *Also Read this!*

As a men’s day special article, I would like to write about eight things for which women need men as a partner. Here, we go!

  • For techie stuffs!

She needs him for suggesting the techie stuffs like, which laptop or mobile to buy – details about processor, RAM, storage, support etc., Because, mostly, girls are attracted by the colors and style! Do you remember a famous joke? A girl asked a boy about his laptop, he replied about all the features like speed, processor, etc., and when he asked, she replied, “pink color one :P”.

  • To protect her!

When there is a gang of guys trying to abuse her, she clearly needs another gang of guys to protect her or may be a single super hero instead of a gang!

  • To watch a science fiction!

Science fiction and all those serial killer stuffs are not girly ones and if she wants to watch them, she obviously needs him to explain her about those “time dilation concepts from interstellar” and to hide her face during a murder scene!

So true!
  • To have the first sip of alcohol!

If she gets curious to know how vodka or gin tastes, the first trial or taste, how to drink, how to taste, then she must ask his suggestion and company! (But, ladies, just don’t go beyond tasting it, and gentle men, you don’t allow her to go far than a sip + you also quit drinking)

  • To carry a gas cylinder! 😛

Apparently, she is not so strong to lift any heavy stuff, not more than a bucket full of water, so, body builders, we need you!

  • To get her tickets! :O

Booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC, it’s such a tough job and sure, she pleads you! Let it be movie theatre or bank or circus, she requires him to help to tackle the que!

  • For a flat tier! 😀

Suddenly while driving, the tyres of her scooty gets flat and who else can help her better than him? It’ll surely be a male to help in such a situation, pulling or pushing the scooty, calling a mechanic, who again turns out to be a “he”!

  • As a father, husband, lover, brother, cousin, son, friend

To care for her and for her to care, to fight, to comfort, to advise, to quarrel, to chit chat, to flirt with, for romance, for love, for lust, to discuss, to dominate, to understand, to misunderstand – She evidently wants him beside her in every walk of life,  same as he do!

Happy together!

We sincerely thank all men for making our life beautiful! Love you all!

P.S. – Girls, don’t come ahead saying that you don’t need him for techie stuffs, for gas cylinder etc. This is a thank you post for all they do for us!

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  1. What bullshit! So what the writer of this ridiculous article is trying to say is women are weak bimbos.

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