5 Reasons Flexible Packaging Is Hot Today!

The advent of flexible packaging is a great innovation in the field of packaging. The top digital flexible packaging companies are offering manufacturing businesses especially the businesses in the food industry unique advantages that were not available before. Here are 5 reasons flexible packaging is hot today:

1. Shipping/ Transportation Friendly

Transportation or shipping cost is always one of the major costs associated with a product. Most traditional packaging take up lots of space in transportation vehicle, increasing the overall cost of transportation. As flexible packaging is very lightweight an provides most efficient product to packaging ratio, transporting products in flexible packages both domestically and internationally is cost effective and more convenient.

2. Attractive To Customers
Flexible packaging allows the companies to print attractive logos, pictures and texts to make the product look nice and attractive. It creates great shelf-appeal. Say for example, a stand-up porch draws immediate customer attention and easily engage them in learning more about the product.

3. Better Product Protection
When products are packaged in flexible packages, they are completely safe from outside contamination. The packages might be light but very long lasting, making the shelf life of the products longer. The best pouch packaging will make a products overall protection from a drop, or during the transportation better and longer. A particularly low oxygen transmission rate (OTR) along with moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) in pouch packaging work as a strong guard against damaging elements.
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flexible packaging hot

4. Less Wasteful
Flexible packaging is far less wasteful than traditional packaging materials. Use of less materials per product too make it environmentally friendly. You may think the flexible packaging uses lots of plastics. In fact, it use far less plastics than rigid containers. Scientists have even invented a way to quickly decompose the flexible packaging waste. Overall, using flexible packaging has less bad environmental impact.

5. Huge Cost Advantage
From the cost of packaging materials to storing, transporting and everything, use of flexible packaging saves a lot of money for the companies. Very small packaging to product ratio is another important reason for lesser cost per unit of product.

Flexible packaging is ideal for many different product categories but food industry is getting the most advantage from this new technological innovation in packaging. Even there are cost effective cannabis flexible packaging solutions on offer for legal selling of marijuana. So, flexible packaging is hot today and if you are in a manufacturing business look out for the options to adopt flexible packaging in your business to get the above mentioned advantages.

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