Does Pakistan means Terrorism

Does-Pakistan-means-TerrorismAfter 26/11 Mumbai firing and recently attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team by Pakistani terrorists, what all these incidents signify. If we consider the case of India, not only 26/11, but prior to this also, Pak terrorists (or Pakistan, I can’t say that) has attacked Indians may a times.

Pakistan Govt. everytime denies that they are not responsible for all this.

I do agree that no government tries to encourage terrorism but why most of these terrorists are Pak citizens. Why they not being from India or US or Canada, or any other country.

Is this not the responsibility of any eliminate the terror?

Is this not the responsibility of citizen of any country to control the terror?

Is this not the responsibility of any human being to uproot the terror?

Is this the definition of humanity?

I think NO

This is what my feelings.

What about you ???

Update on May 13, 2011:

Recently the great terrorist Osama Bin Laden is being killed by America in Pak itself. They found it in Pak and some of the Muslim people are sad on his death. It proves now that Pakistan support the terrorists. Infact, it is the sole responsible for provoking the terror in India and in whole world. Shouldn’t the country be punished for all this and taking lives of so many human beings. Yes, it should be and by all. But I don’t know when that day will come when we would be getting rid of this so widely spread terrorist because it’s not a person, it’s a whole nation.

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  1. Nice Article again on Pakistan

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