How to get best job, for undergraduate student

Being a graduate or under graduate, everyone has the hunger of a job. But most of the times, we fail to get ourselves acquainted with work. This leads to a bit of depression and lose hopes for getting employed. But why lose hopes when there are ample of vacancies in a call centre? It’s not at all a bad job as far as it’s providing you handful of money. Rather it will be counted as an experience for you when you hunt for a new job of your profile. A call centre job experience is always taken into consideration since they are always occupied with work. Even a technical job takes into consideration your experience as per their requirements. If you have worked in a technical company as a call person and later you apply for a high profile, your experience will be definitely counted.

Getting a call centre jobs in Mumbai is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some can manage it well where as some expose their frustration on the clients. That leads to suspension of an employee and that is how a vacancy adds on in the market. The person who doesn’t manage their own work well is fired. Most important skill required for getting selected as a call person is the need for managing the work well. Along with it, you must also be able to have a good command over English and the technical software to receive the client’s call. Taking an example of the Vodafone company customer service, what’s it all about? It’s all about the call centre job. People facing network issues, porting their number, the call cost information or any sort of information they need, they simply call the customer care. The employee who answers the call is supposed to verify all the information related to you and later on provide you with a proper answer. Since the customer care is available 24*7 the shifts are divided into two: the morning shift and the night shift. Irrespective of the shift, each shift lasts for 9 hours and the salary you are provided starts from 21,500 INR per month. The better your work, the better is your salary. One must necessarily work at night for such companies as they don’t want their customers to be disappointed with anything. Getting a job at such companies is not so easy. In fact a brainstorming session is conducted while you are being interviewed. They check your adaptability to the situation, stress tolerance ability, listening skills, ability to work in team and many such factors.

A call centre job is anytime preferable than other jobs. If you lack interest in other fields, you can anytime apply for this post and later on swap the post as and when you feel. The main motto of getting this job is keeping yourself acquainted with work and receiving the amount of experience which will help you in the longer run for hunting a job.

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