Woman using Sex Toy bleeds – sues manufacturer

A woman by the name ‘April Bonjour’ living in Northern California, United States of America, was enjoying with her boyfriend in the bed when suddenly she felt a severe pain in her internal organ. She cried with fear. She was using the sex-toy of ‘Pipedream Products’ so that she can have a good fun. When she cried, her boy-friend removed the sex-toy but the pain instead of lessening, increased as her internal organ started to bleed heavily.

Ms April Bonjour thought that her period has started but when bleeding continued along with the pain; she felt that it was not period. She further felt unconscious and then her boy friend called 911.

Bonjour using Sex toys bleeds

Ms Bonjour was immediately taken to the hospital where she was given good quantity of blood. After becoming consciousness, she desired to sue the sex toy manufacturer. She said that due to the wrong sex-toy, she has suffered so much pain. But then she changed the mind and after coming home, she called ‘Pipedream Products’ and asked them for the compensation. But the company denied of paying any loss to Miss April.

The tragedy happened on November 3, 2010. The lady kept patience till now but now she has filed a case in the court against the company. She is saying that their wrong sex-toys have given her physical and mental injury.

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On describing the tragedy, the American woman said that when she was crying out of pain on November 3 then her son, who was sleeping in his room awaked. The little boy frightened on seeing her mother in such a condition.

Miss April Bonjour added that once she felt that she will die but is now thankful to her boy-friend and doctors who saved her. She said that she and her family members have suffered a lot of emotional pain due to the Pipedream but then also the company does not want to compensate her.

The American lady further added that the tragedy is unforgettable for her in her entire lifespan and she still remembers that time when she was in bed with her boyfriend and was using the company’s sex-toy.

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