Why people eat popcorns in Movie Theatres

While watching movies in theatres, you must have seen people eating pop-corns and I know that you must have been a part of that group 🙂 as it is almost difficult to remain without eating the popcorns in theatres.

You all might be thinking that it is due to the taste. But to surprise you, the scientists have discovered that the human beings, if start to eat any food, whether that food is of any type then it becomes a habit for the humans and they found it difficult to leave.

As humans are associated with the habit of eating pop-corns in movie theatres; so as per the scientists, human beings will eat them whether that food is fresh or deteriorated.

Girls eating Popcorns in Theatre

Scientists at University of Southern California conducted a research on this. They selected a bunch of people, all in random and gave them theatre movie tickets to watch the film and pop corns to eat so that they can eat those while watching the film. They reached on an observation that the persons who were regular film-watchers ate popcorns, irrespective of the fact that they were stale. Only the persons who were not regular watchers were able to distinguish between deteriorated and fresh ones and they ate stale ones less than the fresh ones.

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Wendy Wood from USC added that people believe that their eating habit is influenced by the taste of the food. But he said that this is not 100% true. When any man makes a habit of eating that food then that person eats that thing irrespective of the taste. This research is being published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin journal’s present edition.

Daved Neal said that if we are living in any type of environment and we continue eating some particular type of food in that environment then our brain adopts that environment and we are stick eating that food even if we don’t like it or are hungry.

For testing the above theory, the scientists gave the popcorns to a group of people watching movie in a meeting room rather than in a theatre. They noticed that in meeting room, people started complaining of the taste as they were addicted to eat those corns in a cinema and not in the meeting room.

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