Vaccines with Polio Camp Free at Shah Satnam Ji Dham Sirsa

with polioOn 17th and 18th April i.e., yesterday and day before yesterday, a free polio camp was organized by DSS at its sirsa headquarters Shah Satnam Ji Dham (New Dera). On the first day itself, 40 patients were selected for operation out of total 200 checked by doctors as per DSS website.

The patients were treated free by doctors, with polio vaccines freely provided to them. Several polio man, woman and children, formed queues as the camp inaugurated by DSS chief, Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

DSS time-to-time organizes various human-welfare activities. I was just surfing dera site when I got to know of this free polio camp.

They organizes such polio camps many a times and list on their website. In every camp, free medicines are being distributed. Even after the camps are done, you can visit their hospitals in sirsa and get free treatment and medicines if you are economically poor. In hospitals, free medicines are distributed to poor people. Their full treatment would also be done free from them. They have special doctors there who are always there to look for the patients. They have almost all the latest machines with them which are used to treat the suffering patients. Free food is also provided to the poor people.

Keep visiting mine blog for further human-welfare tasks by this organization.

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