Boy with Heart outside body born in India

A different boy is born in a hospital in Deoghar place of Jharkhand state of country India. The boy’s heart is not inside but infact outside his body. The heart is clearly visible pumping the blood to and from the other body parts.

Sehzad Ali is a local resident of Tabaghat, Deoghar. His wife gave birth to a baby boy in the hospital during delivery. The boy grabbed the attention of doctors and hospital staff at once since he was not like other children. His heart was outside his body. The boy was safe and healthy.

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As soon as this news broke into everybody’s ears, all the people who were in the hospital started reaching the boy’s room. The news soon spread everywhere and the people from nearby places also started reaching the hospital. The hospital management experienced difficulties in managing so much crowd. So they decided to stop the persons outside the building itself. Soon, a gathering was formed in front of the building.

Everybody was talking about the newly born child. The baby’s grandmother thought to check him from other doctors. She took him to Sadar Hospital, Deoghar. But persons gathered there too.
Boy heart pumping outside body

Doctor Rajiv Kumar saw the child and said that he is suffering from a disease and said that with operation, he can be cured very well. He further added that since Jharkhand does not contain so reputed medical institutions and the medicines required for the treatment, so the boy must be taken to metropolitan cities of India such as New Delhi and Mumbai.

He added that till that time the boy should be saved from all sorts of infection. He said that the medical institutions in those cities are very big and contain the best machines and equipments of the country. The newly born boy will get the best medicines there and so he should be referred there immediately.

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