I want to become Eunuch – Cut my Sex organ

In Ratia district of Fatehabad state in India, a woman was arrested and her crime was that she wanted her husband to become a eunuch so that he becomes incapable of reproduction. The crime looks very strange and even the local police was surprised when they came to know of what the women has done to her husband.

Rajni’s husband Satish was working with castrates from the last many years. All the eunuchs under whom he was working were earning a handsome of money from the dance and participations that they did in various functions. They all were living a luxurious life. They all were making good money while Satish was given only a fixed salary. Inspite of the rupees that they got from participating in various cultural events, people also offered them money out of condolence.

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Since Satish was working with them from the past many years, he was having full control over the group. He was having all the qualities to become the leader of eunuchs group except that he was a common man and not a hermaphrodite like others.

Slowly, he began thinking of being like them. He sometimes cursed God that why he has made him a common man and not an exceptional human being like eunuchs. He cursed God of giving him a genital.

He told all his thinkings to his wife Rajni. Rajni also felt the same that her husband should not have sex organ. She then involved one other person Mahanga Singh and all three of them finalized a plan. All decided to make Satish a eunuch so that all 3 could live a rich life.
Man cut sex organ

As per the plan, one night Satish was given an unconscious injection. In the night, Rajni along with Mahanga cut her husband’s sex organ.

Then the wife took her man’s sex-organ, wrapped it in a piece of cloth and kept at some secret place. She thought that she will throw it somewhere in the morning.

But she was surprised to see in the morning that her husband was dead. Mistakenly, she lost the husband. She informed all other family members but worriedly hide her crime from everybody.

She asked all to burn the dead body as quickly as possible. But the father and mother of dead person called the police and wanted to know the killer’s name. The police after investigation found that he is being killed by cutting the sex-organ.

The police asked the dead person’s wife strictly and she accepted her crime of cutting her husband’s genital. The police took her to police-station.

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