Man got alive after 23 years of death

Can you believe that a dead person can be alive? I know this news is difficult to digest and if I add something more on this then what would be your reaction? I mean to say that if I say that can you believe that a person become alive after laying on deathbed for 23 years? I know you will be very surprised to hear this that how a person can be alive if he/she died 23 years ago. But yes, this is true. I am going to narrate you this real incident now.

In Bindki area of Fatehpur, India, a person by the name ‘Kamaal’ used to live with his parents. One day in 1988, he went to Azmer Sharif but never returned back. The parents waited for some days for their beloved son but when after months also, he did not return then they lodged a complaint in their nearby police station.

Indian man become alive

The police started investigating the issue in order to search him. But inspite of their all efforts, they were unable to get Kamaal. After years of searching when the police failed to search Kamaal then they declared him as dead. The police team told Kamaal’s parents that their son is dead now and they are closing the case. The police even showed the dead body of one man to them and told them that the dead body was of Kamaal’s.

The father and mother cried heavily but then consoled each other. They called all relatives and all prayed to God for the happiness of their son’s soul. They prayed Allah that may he give peace to their son’s soul in heaven.

But recently, somebody told the aged parents that he has seen their dead son alive in Azmer Sharif. The mother and father thought that the person is making fun of them and shouted at him for his mischief. They warned him that he should not make such a mischief and fun with the old people and that too on the name of their son who has died 22-23 years before.

But the man insisted that he is saying the truth and told the old couple that he will bring his son back the other day itself. As he committed, the person knocked the same door the other evening. He was with one other person. The old couple rubbed their eyes many times as the person whom they were seeing was none other than but their dead son Kamaal.

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The parents thought that they were dreaming in day-time but when they rubbed their eyes many times and looked carefully then they realized that it was not a dream but it was reality and their dead son Kamaal who died 23 years back was in front of them.

The old mother and father thanked the person who brought their lost son to them. The old parents started crying in happiness.

But the present condition of their lost son is not fine. He is a drug-addict and is 50 years of age. The parents have admitted their son in a hospital and have lodged a complaint against the police officers who declared Kamaal as dead 23 years before.

The police is now investigating the issue.

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