Man who behaves like dog

In Surat, Gujarat of India, a man is being admitted to the civil hospital on barking like a dog. The doctors were also surprised when they saw this man, who was behaving not like a human being but infact like an animal dog.

The doctors asked the nurse to give him water to drink. The nurse brought a glass and a water bottle. But instead of drinking water from glass as normal humans do, he jumped from his bead and went below it.

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The hospital staff and even the doctors were frightened when they saw such acts by this young man. One senior doctor said that the person is suffering from Hydro-Phobia.

All called his parents, close members and friends. The hospital senior staff asked them about his history and they were surprised to know that a year before, a dog has bitten him. The man got some pain at that time but later he became alright. The parents didn’t take him to even any clinic as he was feeling comfortable. They ignored and even no medicine was being provided to him.
Man who behaves like dog

The surgeons then examined his body based on the information they got from his parents. They reached on the common decision that the poison of dog has spread in his whole body and due to which, he is acting as a dog. The dog hormones are present in his body and due to which his mind is not able to function properly.

Mr. Chaudhary, a senior surgeon said that if a human being is not treated after the dog-bite then slowly the poison starts to spread in the whole body. And if the poison spreads in the whole body then the person can bark and run like a dog. His mind thinks as he is an animal and not a human being.

Such persons start frightening even from water as the man is doing currently. They assured that he will be alright soon.


  1. Well this is reallyweird, wow you Indians are really interesting 🙂

  2. “The dog hormones are present in his body and due to which his mind is not able to function properly”——NOW , WHAT THE HELL THAT “DOG HORMONES” CAME FROM?????????????????? LOL 😀

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