Is India Poor – Swiss Bank Accounts of Indian Politicians

NoteImageMany people claim that India is a developing nation and a poor country. But after this post, your mentality will be changed.

The Swiss Banks says that India is not a poor country but infact very rich one. This developing nation has the largest stock of money and wealth than of any billionaire world-wide. The reason that India is termed as poor is due to the fact that its money is kept secret and that is in the bank accounts of the persons who do not want to reveal it in front of public openly.

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The Swiss Banks says that more than 1500 billion dollars of Indian personalities is deposited in its branch. All this money is hidden from poor man of India. This huge sum can be said as ‘Black Money’.

This big wealth corresponds to some big names, from which many of them are the politicians. Some other people who have such accounts are of some big industrialists, big officers (IAS, IPS etc.).

When on one side, the nation shouts of its debt from World Bank; on the other hand, huge capital is lying waste in this bank. The lockers are filled with just illegal amount. If this is utilized in removing the poverty of the citizens, then whole debt can be removed and none will sleep empty stomach. Infact, all will live a good healthy life.

But misfortune is that no-one has time to think of the people who are living below the poverty line. And sadder thing is that the corruption is still prevailing in this nation. Moreover, it has increased many a folds and still progressing.

More than 100,000 Indians fly to Switzerland each year and from which, around 30,000 are those who fly almost after every 2-3 months. So, the question arises here that can a tourist want to visit the same place again and again and that too so frequently. I think everybody can understand this that those frequent flyers can’t be tourists or visitors. Infact, they must be some businessmen and yes, they are. Many such Indian people are seen in the Swiss banks buildings. So, why they go there?

The Swiss Bank once released its 2006 report in which he disclosed the total dollars of peoples country-wise. The list was just grouped by country-wise.

As per this list, the top 5 Rich Countries (in ascending order) are:

China – 96 billion dollars

Ukraine – $100 billion

United Kingdom – $390 billion

Russia – 470 billion dollars

India – $1,456 billions

See, India is the wealthiest nation and the difference is also not minor. Its huge and many folds greater than compared to any other nation. This all money is deposited by sex trade workers, corrupt politicians, industrialists, film actors, cricketers etc.

Our leaders say that they want to bring back the gold and capital looted by Britishers before independence. But I think the more important is this Black Swiss Banks Money.

I am unable to understand that why our government is not asking these corrupt politicians and other peoples to get our money back so that it can be utilized for the welfare of our citizens.


  1. Really shocking news

  2. Deepak kathpal

    In past times britishers looted india and now these corrupt people are doin the same……..this is so heart breaking news….

  3. Ravi Grover

    Its really shocking. But the question is “How to find these people and take back their illegal money to utilize in a betterment of the country”.

  4. Prem Bhandari

    We Indians have been governed and looted by Mughals,Britishers and our own people.Who looted us the most?Mughals,Britishers or our own new Rajwares?.Mughals looted us a bit but gave us back in shape of big buildings.What they looted that remained in India.Britishers lootede us but gave us back in return in shape of big industries,railways etc.They made big business.But our own rulers looted us of $ 1500 billion and deposited in Swiss banks i.e they took all the bounty away to a separate country. Now tell me who were the best looters? Mughals, Britishers or our own blood suckers?

  5. Think how to educate people to ensure best for India as a country and not as any individual.

  6. Chetan Bhalla


  7. Chetan Bhalla

    And to be more specific you BRITS.

  8. This is true that Swiss Bank has more indian money than india’s reserve bank but it is all corruption money/black money. This came from Tax payers like us. Swiss Bank should reveal those account holders’ names so indian GOVT can take some legal action against it. Swiss bank is rich because india’s indian(corrupted people) made them rich. Shame on the reported who titled this article in wrong manner

  9. Yes. This is true. All can agree this. But who can point out this much of corruption and who will stop it. And abt govt ha ha, the politicians are the big robbers of INDIA.

  10. shashikant

    itna hi nhi balki isme m manta hu ki 80% akeli sonia gandhi ka hoga…

  11. immediatly govt. Should arrange to bring back those money and reduce infiltration rate, open hospitals, school for poor people.

  12. krishan sharma

    If the people of India come with Anna Hazare and hit 1000 times with shoe to these politician, we sure it will make india rich.

  13. jutte maro indian politician ko

  14. i not need more money.i want some money treatment for my mother account no bangladesh dutch

  15. Suraj Kumar

    Sir may bahut gareb hu marey upar bahut karj hay karjey waley roj roj mujko galidetey hay aor martey hay may uska karjey key dawab koi marey madat karo 25 lakh

  16. Suraj Kumar

    Urjent halp mi 25 lakh call me suraj kumar

  17. Anup Kumar Biswas

    Respected Sir.
    Greeting from me. I am very needy person. I am suffering from too financial crisis. If yoy are kind to me and reply via email I will tell you all about me.

    Thank you

    Your in Christ,
    Anup Kumar Biswas

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