Kiss of love!

Kissing and hugging your lover, boyfriend or even your brother, mother, father – is a weird thing, in most places of India. I use to hug my mom when I go home, after a long semester, after a long time, it gives me the heaven back! But, I can’t hug my dad! Yes, I can’t hug my dad and I was brought up in such a way. I remember the day – I went back home after a few months from college hostel; That was the first time I went home from hostel; I gave her a warm hug, it was natural, immediately after entering the veranda of my home, dropping my luggage down. I don’t remember hugging her, before this instance! She might have hugged me when I was a kid! But, suddenly after the hug, I found it weird, as my dad and brother were giving a strange look! I just asked them if they also wanted to hug me, and went near them, but, they took five steps back! I really would like to hug my dad and sweet younger brother! But, unfortunately, this is India where I can’t hug my dad or brother!

May be this is not the case in all parts of India, but, at-least in many rural areas, in orthodox families! I use to think, why it is wrong to hug my dad after puberty? I am the same girl, who use to sleep on his chest as a kid with fingers in mouth! I am the same girl, who use to hold his hands, hug and play with my kitchen set! But, everything changed gradually, I don’t remember the day, when he stopped holding me and hugging me! But, he did stop it completely after my puberty. And, that is the reason why, I would like to support this “Kiss of Love”.

kiss of love
Because, I can’t kiss my dad!

So, Kissing your beloved ones in public is a mistake? Yes, it is weird, even to me, who supports “Kiss of Love” as I am a typical Indian girl who was brought up in a typical Indian way! A “lip to lip kiss” is actually too much for me to think about, that too, in public! But, how brave these guys are to kiss in public?! Bravo! I know, kissing is natural, and everybody out there wants to do it, but, they restrict themselves in public! But the way things are going now, really looks a bit above the line! Now, there are also parents who are afraid to send their L.K.G kids outside (what if they witness a scene of ┬álip to lip kiss?).

They say there is a meaning for each type of kiss, I prefer the one on forehead and I think, it is the loveliest version. To the kissing couples out there, you have all the rights to kiss, but do consider the way of protesting against moral policing, the pictures coming out in the internet and newspapers are mostly(not all the pictures) not looking like the kiss of love, but, lust!

I, at-least, look forward to get the right to plant a kiss on my dad’s forehead, as a result of this “kiss of love campaign”.

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