Girl playing with snakes and says them as best friends

Do you fear from snakes? If the answer is yes, then do not surprise as everybody will give the same answer. If you are small child then you will fear a lot but if you are matured then the tension reduces to some extent but then also, people sweat when snake comes near. I can say that I also belong to same category :).

Even the snake-charmers become very cautious when they are about to catch this dangerous reptile. They take special precautions when they go to catch this dangerous reptile. Before catching this poisonous creature, they also learn tricks that prove helpful to them.

Girl playing with snakes

But will you believe that a small girl does not fear from poisonous snakes. A small girl of 8 years old, who belongs to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh of India plays with these poisonous creatures. She plays in such a way as a small child plays with her toys.

The girl’s name is Kajol and she is very brave. Her father is a well renowned snakecharmer in that area and so snakes were always in front of the eyes of Kajol. But no one expected that she will be so brave that she will start playing with these reptiles.

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Kajol’s father says that even these dangerous snakes have cut her daughter 2 times but then also Kajol does not frighten from them. He said that she says and believes them as her best friends and often passes her time with them. He said that he tried many times to take away his daughter from her best friends but his all efforts went in vain. He said that Kajol does not want to leave them.

If some stranger sees the girl with these snakes, he can estimate that the girl is heavy on these creatures. One will estimate that the poisonous reptiles fear from the girl and it’s true also.
People from nearby villages also come to see girl and her game.

Girl with Snakes Video

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