Girls check if your boyfriend is Gay

This article is a must read for girls to know their silent force that is present only in them.

According to the new research conducted at Toronto University, the ladies are the best detective in detecting the gayety of a man. The woman can conclude that whether any man is gay or not by just looking at his face.

The researchers carried out an experiment in which they gave the face pictures of 80 men to a group of ladies out of which some were gays and some were normal common human beings. All women were separated from each other. Each one of them were given the same photographs of same men. Even the facial expressions of all the peoples were same. To everybody’s surprise, all the women picked the right pictures of gays.

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All these males were strangers for all the females and even they were not told of anything about them. This was the first time that they were seeing them. And now also, they were looking at them in just the photographs and not in real. But then also, they were able to pick the right candidates.

This was a surprise which led to a new discovery for the scientists. They discovered the hidden power of females that when they are in full mood of romance and love, they can determine the gayety nature of males, if they are and for this, thy just need to look at their faces keenly.
How To Know If Man is Gay

The ladies have this hidden capability in them and if they try to get it out, it can be a plus point for them. They can check whether their boy-friend is not cheating them and is not just passing time with them.

Actually, this power is in girls from long back and this is present in them due to the reason that they needs their partners for the reproduction and need to give birth to their children. This is the biological and physical need of lady that is present since the evolution of human being on this earth. The only need is to recognize it and utilize it properly and fully.

So, woman see if your husband is not a cheater. You can test him and I know you will be lucky. Your husband is all yours as a common human being 🙂

Girls, please share your views here on knowing your secret hidden capability now 🙂


  1. lol this came in the TOI i guess.

    anyways, Does this mean.. Now if any girl claims some boy is gay people will believe her??? LOL 😀

  2. Haha..wat a post…I think time is changing now so girls do check…;))

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