Monkeys made Taiwan female model topless

A female model and student Charmian Chen has become famous in whole world due to some monkeys. Those Bali monkeys fall in love with her and strip her top and made her topless. And then the media cameras clicked on the girl’s breast and flown her photographs everywhere.

Actually, last month, the Taiwan student Charmian Chen went to visit the Bali’s Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali. She brought some food for those monkeys and started feeding to them. The monkeys came near to her and climbed her head and body.

Charmian Chen Monkeys Photos

Chen Chairmean Topless

Topless Chen Chairmian Monkeys

Topless Chen Charmian Monkeys

Ms Chen was enjoying with those macaques. But soon the fun came to an end when one of the monkeys noticed that some corn has fallen down into Chen’s top. The naughty macaque started pulling the girl’s top in order to get that piece of corn. The other macaque also helped it in this mischief.

The top of model Charmian Chen started to fall down. The girl then tried her best to cover her chest with her hands. She left corns and covered her breast with her both hands.

The girl was left little red-faced but the cameras took the photographs. Miss Charmian Chen thought that she is been insulted by the macaques and her topless pictures will publish everywhere. But infact, wardrobe incident helped her and now she is famous everywhere. The newspapers, on the other day, were flooded with those topless pictures. The Print and Electronic Media persons started calling her in order to have an appointment with her so that Chen can explain that incident to them.

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A model needs publicity and this wardrobe incident is proving the best advertisement for 22 year old Miss Charmian Chen. She is continuously getting calls to narrate the monkeys mischief.

Model and student Charmian Chen’s photos in which the macaques are snatching her top are shared across everywhere, on big websites, blogs and social networking sites like Facebook. Several television channels have shown that news to all.

The young girl Chen said that she went to enjoy holidays in Bali but that has become a turn-point in her career. She added that when she opened her facebook, she was surprised to see various friend requests. Out of those friend requests, many were strangers and they just wanted to add her after seeing the topless images.

Charmian Chen said that it was a fun but not she is getting daily calls from TV channels. She said that though the macaques have made her famous but she don’t want to become famous just for her nude breast. She says that now-a-days, when anyone sees her calls her as ‘Monkey girl’. Chen added that when people call her by the name ‘Monkey-girl’, she laughs and softly replies ‘yes’.

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