Clever Cow of India

Do you think that animals are fool and they do not have mind in them? I cannot say what you think of animals but I know that some or many of you think animals as useless who do not have any feelings and who do not have brain also. Many people on this earth believe the animals as useless creatures that do nothing and just take the extra space on the earth.

While some think them as completely useless, the others who are educated know that the animals are very much essential for human beings and they add much value and beauty to our environment. Some who think them as garbage are generally illiterate. They think that in old times, cows, buffaloes etc. were used for carrying heavy loads from one place to another. They were also used in agriculture but in modern times, tractors have taken their place and so, these are not needed any more. But the literate people know that still, we are dependent on these animals for various reasons.

Clever Cow of India

Some people even eat the animals. Those who do such a cruel act, must see this post and the video in it in which they can know that how the animals undergo a serious pain before becoming human-food. The people can know from the video in the article that these innocent animals have to suffer a great suffering in order to be built into human-food.

Well, we were initially talking about brain of animals that some persons on earth think them as dull and who do not have minds in them. Some even think them as having no feelings.

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Prior to this article, I was thinking them as one who is having feelings but no mind. But after I saw this incident, I realized that they too have brain. It is true that no one can compete human brain but if we think that the birds and animals are without brain and without the capacity of thinking and acting then we are completely wrong. These living beings too have thinking capacity and they also act according to that.

My thinking changed when I saw the below video in which a cow is trying her best to get water from the hand-pump. I saw this video and thought that this cow might have seen any human being pumping water from the hand-pump and so she decided to follow the same trick.

I would really say that Indian cow is intelligent and clever.

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  1. Seems Interesting! & this cow works hard mate.It’s not a lazy cow:-)

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