Irish Cocaine Man arrested – Drugs in Stomach

A man was arrested in Brazil by Brazilian police for carrying illegal drugs. Actually the man was about to smuggle cocaine drug from Sao Paulo to Brussels when he was caught by the police on the airport. The man identified as PBB is an Irish guy who is a smuggler. He was carrying 72 cocaine capsules and in order to make this smuggling successful, he inhaled all the 72 capsules.

When PBB was crossing the security at Sao Paulo Airport, the security guards checked him and found him nervous. They talked to him and found that the guy was behaving unusual.

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The nervousness was obvious as the 20 years old smuggler PBB inhaled 72 cocaine capsules and due to which, his health condition was becoming worse. He was feeling sleepy and thus came in the eyes of security.

Irish Cocaine Smuggler Photo

Irish Cocaine Man

The Irish man was then taken to Santa Misericordia Hospital where the doctors examined him. The doctors did CT scan of his body and were surprised to see that some red-colour capsules were making their home in the Irish man’s stomach.

The doctors did the operation and removed all 72 capsules from PBB’s stomach. They saw that the capsules were of drugs called cocaine.

Inhaling cocaine is a serious danger to human body and that too 72 in number; this can lead to serious blockage of intestines and can even cause you death.

The price of these 72 cocaine bags is reported as 200,000 US dollars. So, we can say that this Irish smuggler did lunch of 200,000 dollars.

The Irish guy is taken into police custody and they now hope that this person can reveal them his other smuggler friends as well.

With cocaine smugglers getting more creative with the way they get those drugs into the country, cocaine abuse rehabilitation centers should be constantly prepared for more cocaine addicts seeking their help.

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