Clever and Intelligent Donkey – Panna Lal

He catches the thieves and robbers quickly. He is an enemy for all the criminals. Whether the thief is old or new, that thief is easily caught by this experienced detective. No doubt that the thief is clever and has not left any evidence but our Mr. Detective is so good that he gets hold of that thief.

This detective has some other capabilities also. He can tell the profession of any person. He has become so famous in the area that the people from nearby areas also come to take his help and the Mr. Detective solves their problems easily.

Detective Donkey

The name of this detective is Panna Lal and to the surprise of everyone is that this detective is not any human being. Yes, it is a donkey. The donkey is considered as the most fool animal on the earth but this donkey has failed this statement.

Mr. Panna Lal is proud for all its community members 🙂 . Panna Lal lives in Banda, Uttar Pradesh of India. The animal has become an attraction point for all the people living in Banda.

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Clever donkey also tells that whether any human being has taken bath that day or not. Along with this, the donkey is also capable of telling that whether that person’s mood is good or bad.

The donkey also gives the answers of people’s questions. People become so happy on this animal that they award it many a times. It is trained by Banwari Lal. Banwari Lal is owner of Vishal Circus and he is earning good money with this donkey.

Banwari Lal says that any animal can be trained as you want. He said that Panna Lal has taken complete 2 years to reach at this stage. He said that this donkey has earned a great name for his circus in North Indian states including Delhi, Haryana etc. He has also visited some of the metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, Kolkata and people have shown their love for his donkey there also.

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