Dogs Can Read Human Being Minds

Many people love to keep dogs. Especially people in Western Countries like United States, Canada etc. keep dogs in their homes. Many of them claim that this pet animal has the ability to understand them, make them laugh and help them when they are tired and need someone’s support.

Taking this a step further and marking a permanent seal on this claim, the scientists now support this theory and say that the dogs have this special capability naturally.

Dr. Monique Udell from Florida University, United States of America, along with her complete team carried out 2 different experiments in which she took a dog and a wolf.

Both the animals were given the chances to beg for food from the human that generally ignored beggars and from a person who pays attention to the beggars.

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The experiment proved that the wolves are as equally successful in begging for food as the pet dogs are. The wolf went to the person who cared for the beggars and successfully got its food from him.

This experiment showed that either the animal is domestic or non-domestic; it has the ability to behave as per the human-being attentional state.

Dogs Read Human Minds

Also, pet dogs and puppies were having more qualities than the wild or domesticated ones, showing that they catch many a things from society.

The purpose of this trying out was to see that whether the dogs learn this act by living with human beings that how to survive and get food or if this power is inbuilt within them.

It was used on the wolf as no one makes this wolf as pet. So, it is almost impossible for it to learn such habits of behaving according to the attentional state of humans. It showed and proved that certain qualities are in-built in the animals.

The wolf was mandate to take as dogs often learn a lot by living with the most civilized species – Humans.

This research is being published in the Journal Learning and Behaviour.

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