Best Method of Cheating in Exams

Today many of the students depend on cheating in passing their examinations. Are you also a student and follow the same in your exams or if you are not a student, most chances are that you might have done cheating in order to pass and gain good marks.

The students follow new tricks always for cheating. Some make small foldable slips and hide them in their socks, shoes, clothes etc. Many of them discover such new ways that even the adults and aged persons have to think on their such discoveries and inventions.

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One such trick is being done by a girl of India. She is studying in the Devi Ahilya University of Indore. What she did is that she dressed beautifully on her exams day. She wore a beautiful dress and decorated all her hands and legs with henna. But that was not her sin. Putting the henna on the legs and hands is a normal tradition followed by Indian girls.

But what the cleverness of the girl was that the henna contained the answers of the questions. It was designed in such a way that the answers were written in very small letters.

But her bad luck. The teachers caught her during cheating and she admitted in front of all that she is a defaulter and was copying the answers from her hands. She said that the answers of the questions which she knew that those will definitely come in the examinations are all written on her hands and legs.
Henna Cheating in Exams

When she came in her class, she was wearing full sleeves dress and when she wanted to see the answer, she slowly raised the sleeves to write the solution of that required problem. The teachers and other children in the class assumed that she was loving her henna and that’s why was looking at her time-to-time.

It was only that after half of the time went and teacher came near her to give her extra sheet realized that the beautifully designed art contained something special and was really a special.

The little girl admitted that she took help of one of one of her friends’ to make this art a success. She said that it took her and her friend around 6 hours to design the art.

She sobbingly said that she feared of getting failed and so she adopted this trick of cheating in the examinations.

The teacher scolder her and said that if she might have studied inspite of following this illegal way, she would have learned the syllabus easily.

The school and college students don’t realize this and they follow this wrong way either just to pass or to top.

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