Male and Female Frog Marriage

Yesterday on 11 August 2011, a unique marriage happened when a male frog married a female frog. This all happened in Jodhpur of Rajasthan State in India. The news spread so rapidly and became so popular that the people came from far away places to participate in the wedding.

The persons who organized this called all their relatives. The oral invitations were sent to many peoples. And for some exceptional ones, written invitations were also sent.

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This exceptional wedding was held in a temple in Geeta Building. All the proper arrangements were done and the function started exactly at 9 am in the morning. The temple was decorated with the beautiful flowers and the road joining it was properly cleaned by the villagers.

The program was jointly organized by Joints Group of Jodhana Saheli, Alliance Club of Jodhana, Alliance Club of Sun-city Saheli, Club of Meera, Geeta Mandal and some of the local residents.

The wedding was funny and a good entertainment for nearby people, especially the children, who enjoyed a lot in this function.
Frog Marriage

The marriage ceremony was done in a proper manner, as some rich man is marrying a girl. Many chief guests were a part of this ceremony and they showered their blessings also to both male and female frogs.

Special clean and bottled water was arranged for the frogs and they danced in that.

All had a great fun. It was a good event. The organizers said that the people started gathering a day before the said date. Everyone tried their best to reach on time, so that they didn’t miss this festival.

The relatives, friends and others who gathered at this wedding ceremony were given good treat. Some people brought small clothes for the female frog and some for the male frog.

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