Girl who didn’t brush from last 10 years

A girl from Seoul, South Korea has not brush her teeth from the last 10 years. This news is being popular right now in Korea from when Korean’s popular TV program, ‘Martian Virus‘ has shown this to the public.

This TV show introduces the people with habits or characteristics that are odd than normal ones.

Ji Hyun-ji, nick-named as ‘Cutey Yellowish’ stopped brushing around 10 years back. Her habit matches her outward appearance a lot. The last time she remember that she brushed her teeth was when she was 10 years old and that too her mother forced her to do so. After that, her teeth never enjoyed brushing 🙂 .

Ji Hyun-ji is not sad on this but she proudly say that she is unable to understand why the people brush their teeth daily. She says that others are not going to look into your mouth, so there’s no need of daily cleaning your teeth. Moreover, in this way food layers pile on her teeth and they prevent the decaying of her teeth.
Girl not brush 10 years

Only on some occasions, she wipes her front teeth with a tissue.

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This TV show was telecasted on April 5. Dentists are saying that it’s the shocking incident of their medical career. At this age she looks beautiful without brushing and all doctors are in a surprise on this.

Also, Hyun-ji has forgotten now to how to brush the teeth. The show claims that the dentists will try to persuade her to make brushing a habit and to clean the teeth daily.

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  1. Christina says:

    This tv show is famous for frauds and fakes
    they make up these things

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