Girl Ran from Marriage fined $743,000

In Italy, a girl ran away from her marriage ceremony just before the final exchanging of rings had to be done. All the relatives were eagerly waiting for the couple in the Church and soon they heard the news that the bridegroom has ran away from the Church.

The girl was in love with some other boy. Both of them decided to marry each other. But their parents were against their marriage. The girl told her parents that she don’t want to marry with the boy that they had decided but rather with the boy of her own choice. But the mother and father didn’t like their daughter’s choice. And they asked her to obey them and said that they are doing all this for her only.

But the girl, who loved her boy-friend a lot, wanted to be with him only and wanted her life to end with her boy-friend. She told all to he boy. Both of them agreed on a plan.

And as per the plan finalized, when all the relatives and the groom were in the Church, the clever bride came outside of the Church without telling anyone a word and quietly drove in her car away. The relatives including the Bridegroom kept waiting in the Church for her. When she didn’t arrive for a long time, then they came to know that she has gone away and now it’s of no use to look for her.

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On this incident, the boy’s parents including the marriage-boy showed their frustration to the girls’ parents. The boy asked her parents to fulfill for the loss of his reputation and money that he had spent on the marriage arrangements.

Going a step ahead, he filed a case against her To-be-Wife that ran. He said that he had spent plenty of money on doing the preparations of his marriage. He also showed the tickets that he booked for his honeymoon, which was in a Hotel of Pacific Island.
Girl ran from her marriage in Italy

On hearing his appeals and the claim that he showed, the court fined the groom a heavy sum of money amounting to $743,000 (3 Crore 29 Lakh Indian Rupees).

He said along with this, the biggest loss is the attack on his and his parents’ emotions and feelings. He is widely hurt by this incident and it’s the biggest tragedy of his life. This is totally irresistible for him and he needs the proper fulfillment of his loss. He said that the hurt feelings can’t come back but then also the money loss can be compensated to some amount.

The girl, before running from her Marriage-Ceremony would not have realized that her this step could cost him too much. This is a huge money and it will drive her nuts to pay it.


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