Girls jump into river for Love, Boy runs – Funny

Have you seen in movies that a young boy or girl tries to commit suicide by taking the poison or jumping into river for persuading his/her partner? And in this way, they want to show their partner the love that they have for them.

The instance that I just explained above is normally seen in films, especially in Bollywood Movies. We all know that people and especially youngsters get inspire from such actors a lot and try to copy them in their real lives.

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But such similar incident happened some times back in China. Jingyun and Zhang feng are the two school girls who have recently appeared in their senior secondary exams. Both girls belong from Guanghan city in Deyang, Sichuan province of China.

As all the students have recently given their examinations and were now free, so they decided to go near river Lijiang to celebrate their holidays.

Both girls were in love with a boy Jingjing, who was their classmate. But both were not sure as to whom the boy loved the most. So in order to know this, they came out with an idea. All 3 of them went near the river. The boy was unknown of the girls plan.
Girls jump into river for Love

Both girls looked at the boy for some time and then suddenly jumped into the river and started shouting to the boy asking for help. Both had plan that their boy-friend will save the girl whom he loved the most.

But all reverse happened. The boy became frightened and straight ran away from the spot, leaving both the girls in pain. I know this is funny but yes it’s true :).

The people passing from nearby helped them and took them out of the water. They asked them that how they fall into the river. The girls sobbingly told them their whole love stories.

The passengers then informed the police regarding this. The police scolded them and left them only when the girls agreed to not repeat such foolish incident again.

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