Chinese Lee Jia gets paid for sleeping – Best Job

Would you believe that there’s a job in the market that pays you just for sleeping. Would you like to work in such a company? You will get handsome money and your work-profile is just to go in your office, mark your present and then go to sleep.

Generally, reverse happens in any industry. If anybody is found doing any sorts of mischiefs then the boss scolds him or her. And if one is found just relaxing or sleeping then he or she is not allowed to give any sort of excuse.

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You might be thinking that how it can be possible that any person is given money just to come in the office and sleep at his or her work location. It is true and to add more to your surprise, I am letting you know that the room belongs to luxurious class and it is in a good reputed Hotel.

Lee Jia, a Chinese man works in a hotel and is just paid to take sleep in the luxurious rooms. He is 27 years old and is given 10k renminbi (almost equal to 76k Indian rupees) per month for this job.
Chinese Man Lee Jia

Lee Jia’s work profile is to test the levels of comfort in hotel rooms. Lee sleeps and sees if the bedding, location, temperature, air conditioner, toilets and room is perfect for the guests.

Lee Jia enjoys every comfort that the paid guests enjoy. He watches his favorite television programs and channels. He sees that if the rooms are properly cleaned or not.

I know you might be dreaming to acquire such type of job :). But this sleeping job is full of challenges. Lee has to determine and check the minute things happening in and around the room and the location.

If the room is passed by Mr. Jia and any guest who comes to stay in that hotel-room complaints of anything then this person would be questioned first that why he passed all the comfort levels and did not complain about that issue.

But whatever it may be, Lee atleast enjoys all rich comforts free of cost.

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