Man who does sex with cars

You might have heard and read the news that man does sex with his wife, a lady. But have you ever wondered when someone says that he does sex with cars.

Yes, Edward Smith, 57 years old from Washington, America is the person who loves to do sex with the cars. Till now he has done this with 1000 cars.

He said that he appreciates the beauty of the car and can go to much far extent to appreciate it.

He first had sex with the car at 15 years of age.

He laughingly says that people might be thinking him as a mad or insane but he knows what he does. He says that he is so much committed to the beautiful vehicles as a common man is to girls. He even calls his best car as his best girlfriend.

When asked if he had any lady in his life, he admitted that he had a relationship with a lady 12 yrs ago.

He says that he is also attracted towards ladies but again the cars dominate the females. And also he has no desire to change his feelings. He says that women never understand him and also he is not a gay. And so he doesn’t like the ladies so much.

Mr. Smith is a poet and he often writes the romantic poetry on his lovely cars. He sings for them and talks to them like as if he is talking to his wife.

He waits whole day for the sky to go dark and then he does all that a husband does with his wife. He climbs to the roof of his favorite car, kisses it, hugs it and loves it and takes its smooches. He then does sex with it happily.

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Currently he has a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla, which acts as his girlfriend and he loves it very much. Most of his time he spends with it. He spends some time with the other vehicles also like 1993 Ford Ranger Splash named Ginger and 1973 Opal GT.

Prior to Vanilla, his longest relationship was with 1969 VW Beetle named Victoria, with whom he celebrated long 5 years.
Man who does sex with cars

He also confesses that with some cars that he did sex were of unknown persons and the ones residing in the showrooms.
On asked about his acute sexual experience, he admits of making love with a helicopter from 1980s Television hit Airwolf.

He said that this unusual habit grew in him during childhood and as the age passed, it became a passion for him. Such exceptional feelings became stronger when he saw Corvette Stingray at 13 years of age.

He said that after watching the movies like Knight Rider and Herbie where these vehicles are loveable, he feels very happy and thinks that there’s someone who respects his emotions.

Edward further added that he is not sick and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and emotions but that his love and he should be allowed to live his own way.

Previously he was very shy on telling anybody about his secret habit but now he openly says everything. He says that he should show respect to his lover and should not be afraid of anyone because of his relations.

Edward Smith is now a part of a global community of more than 500 car lovers that is brought together by the internet forums.

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