Man in India marries Hen for falling Gender Ratio

You all must have attended a lot of marriages in which the boy and the girl marry each other but have you ever heard of a marriage in which a man is wedding a hen, and that too when the boy is already having a wife.

Sakir Ali, an Indian man lives in Saudi Arabia from the last many years. One night he called his parents-in-laws and both parties started joking. The in-laws told him a joke in which a man married a hen and his brother-in-law asked Sakir if he wants to marry the hen. With these words, the brother-in-law gave a big laugh.

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But Sakir Ali took this serious and he started dreaming his marriage with hen. He asked his brother-in-law if he can arrange a good hen for him, so that he could marry her. The person was shocked and so the father and mother-in-law.

They thought that Mr. Ali was in humor mood as both parties were laughing from a long time. But they lost their control when Sakir started insisted on the wedding. But the insist was still not recognized by them.
Man Hen Marriage

They still thought that he is in funny mood. But when they started getting calls from Dubai repeatedly and the man asked them to arrange a hen so that he can marry her, they all felt in great surprise.

All this frustrated the in-laws of Sakir Ali and they all had good quarrel. But Saudi Arabian man stayed on his words and said that he will wed the bird. He said that if they will not help him in this wedding, he will leave his present wife. This wedding with bird is now his dream and he will do it.

After a long discussion, all had to agree. Proper arrangements were done for the wedding. Mr. Ali flew to India. The invitation cards were sent to all the relatives and friends. Since the person is rich, so many costly arrangements were done. Lighting and crackers were used extensively. On the said date, the man and the hen tied knot to each other. People were very crazy on this unique wedding.

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